Rochester Furniture Repair

by Furniture Fixers

Furniture Fixers is your complete shop, in-home and on-site furniture repair service. We repair leather, vinyl, fabric, upholstery and wood furniture from all manufacturers.  Our years of experience and meticulous attention to detail assures you the best furniture repair service in the industry.

Through two decades of furniture repair service, Furniture Fixers has performed furniture repair for retail dealers, motel and hotel franchises, insurance and transit industries and thousands of individual clients.

In-Home Touch-up


Motel, Hotel and Restaurants


Office On-Site Touch-Up

Transit and Insurance Industries

Shop Repairs

Antique Restorations

The guest recliners in a hospital had become unsightly and unsanitary.

Furniture Fixers was able to repair hundreds of these recliners for the hospital saving them thousands of dollars.

No job is too small or too large. This antique armoire is over eight feet high and one out of five items in this bedroom suite.

Have you relocated and found your furnishings damaged by the moving company? Rochester Furniture Repair by Furniture Fixers can provide photo estimates detailing the damage along with the cost of repairs for your claim submission.

Rochester Furniture Repair by Furniture Fixers also handles claims for the transit and insurance industries. Before and after photos are provided along with customer satisfaction certificates.